Design, manufacture and installation

S+B UK Limited is one of the UK’s longest established and leading specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and associated services.

We can supply everything from a single workstation or fume cupboard to a complete suite of state of the art research laboratories, serving R&D, Healthcare, Universities, Utilities, Food & Beverage and Industry

Functionality and ergonomics

S+B furniture systems have been developed by one of Europe’s leading specialist industrial designers to combine durability, function, ergonomics with a modern, clean, crisp and attractive appearance.

Our clients
We work extensively with architects, project managers, M&E consultants, energy consultants, safety advisors, quantity surveyors, main contractors, mechanical contractors and of course end users.

Introducing Elevaire, the laboratory services overhead delivery system
Servicing lab benching from above is not new and designs which facilitate this have been around for decades. The growing demand is such that instead of developing bespoke solutions for each individual project (which we can still do as and when required), we have designed a new standard modular overhead service delivery system.

A cost effective modular service delivery system
Elevaire is a highly cost effective modular Overhead Service Delivery System which can be utilised in a variety of different ways to facilitate suitable levels of flexibility in the R&D laboratory.

Elevaire has been developed as a cost effective standard solution which will fully satisfy most requirements. The system has also been professionally styled to fully integrate with the full range of S+B modular benching systems be it Exemplaire, C Frame or Utilaire H Frame.

Although Elevaire can be used successfully with all S+B benching systems, flexibility is maximised when used in conjunction with modular un-serviced mobile lab benches which can be wheeled around with ease and where the services delivered from above can be connected directly into bench mounted equipment below.

A flexible, practical and updateable solution
Elevaire also works successfully with our new modular pre-plumbed and wired Mobiliaire movable lab workstation system. Where the ability to reconfigure is desirable but where rearrangement on a regular basis is not envisaged, Elevaire can be used with larger bench assemblies either free of service outlets or with pre-plumbed and pre-wired worktop mounted service spines where services delivered from above connect directly into the spine below.

The Elevaire overhead module can be provided with a full range of electrical and specialist gas services with the ability to add further provision at a later date. The service delivery method can be either from standard proprietary lab service fittings with serrated nozzle outlets, screw on or quick release self-closing valves, with or without regulators and pressure gauges. Services can then be dropped to bench level via flexible droppers and then connected to bench level services by any of the above means including directly into bench mounted equipment.

Design, consultancy and partnering
The design of a laboratory is not something most clients or their professional agencies are doing with any frequency. For many this is a one-off undertaking, so experience of what needs to be done, what is available, what can be done and in particular the complex interfaces at play will be limited. For this reason, there is value in partnering a specialist which is engaged in this particular activity full time and which has many years experience in the field.

The design of a laboratory can easily go wrong with ill-defined scope of work, unsuitable or inadequate specification, important interface requirements missed with the result invariably being additional unbudgeted expense, programme overrun and a disappointing outcome for all involved in the process.

S+B can provide the support needed from the outset and the time, energy and money saved is such that more of the budget can be invested in a high quality, properly functional, professionally styled, state of the art facility with the best possible outcome for all.

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