Demand for sustainable buildings is highest in the Netherlands and UK

In the Netherlands, UK and Belgium the demand for sustainable materials and buildings by principals is the highest among the eight European countries.

In Poland sustainability still has no high priority in the building sector, as still most principals don’t ask for sustainability. These are some of the conclusions of the Q3 2015 European Architectural Barometer report, a quarterly research among 1,600 architects in eight European countries. European architects act as a leading indicator for the construction activities.

In the Netherlands not only did the principals ask more often for sustainability, the number of principals willing to invest in it slightly increased as well. Almost a third of the principals are willing to invest more in sustainability because these investments will pay-off on long term according to the Dutch architects. Another important reason, but less often mentioned, is the understanding of the benefits by the clients. The developments in Poland regarding sustainability are lagging behind developments in other European countries. Almost two third of the principals in Poland do not ask for sustainable materials and buildings, which is considerably higher compared to the rest of Europe.

Architects in Poland expect furthermore that in only 46 per cent of the projects sustainability will be taken into account in 2020. In the Netherlands and Belgium this number is 73 per cent and 76 per cent respectively which makes these countries at the forefront of sustainability. It can be concluded that there are still differences present between the countries in Europe. Especially in Poland sustainability is still not common in the building sector. Remarkably, only in the Netherlands the number of principals willing to pay for sustainability increased, in the other European countries it slightly decreased. For 2020 however European architects expect that the number of projects were sustainability is taken into account will increase, even in Poland.

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