Darren Evans Assessments provides an energy efficient solution to luxury housing development

For a development of 44 new luxury homes in Cumbria, the knowledge and expertise of Darren Evans Assessments Ltd has helped to ensure developer Cumbrian Homes will meet their sustainability requirements and create homes that offer residents comfortable living and low energy bills.

Currently under construction on what was once the site of a manor house owned by the Carleton Family, Carleton Manor Park on the outskirts of Penrith will consist of six different style homes including four bedroom homes, three and four bedroomed bungalows along with two and three bedroomed apartments within a new ‘manor’ building.  Darren Evans Assessments Ltd was able to provide the developer with a range of solutions that would ensure this high quality, modern development was the most energy efficient in the Cumbrian Homes portfolio to date.

To meet building regulations Part L, the team at Darren Evans Assessments Ltd carried out a number of SAP calculations for the 32 houses and 12 apartments.  Scenario planning was then carried out by Darren Evans Assessment Ltd which would not only facilitate ease of specification but would also result in cost savings for the developer.

Ben Wallbridge, Sustainability Assessor, Darren Evans Assessments Ltd, commented:

“The team worked on a number of scenarios and were able to provide advice that covered heating systems, insulation, lintels to enable cost savings and create more energy efficient homes without compromise.”

By changing the specification of the floor insulation from 130mm to 100mm and insulation at the joists from 300mm to 400mm, while at the same time specifying high performance wall insulation to improve the desired U-Value, the developer was able to reduce their costs but get the same Part L result.

The team were also able to provide calculations that enabled a switch of lintels across the development which improved air tests. This reduced the air tests to a score of 4m3/hm2 which will result in more airtight and energy efficient homes.

Further scenario planning on a range of heating systems between the developer, manufacturer and Darren Evans Assessment Ltd resulted in the most cost effective solution being the specification of a system boiler with cylinder and weather compensator.

Scott Edwards, Sales & Commercial Manager, Cumbrian Homes, commented:

“Darren Evans Assessments provided a friendly and knowledgeable service in an area that can sometimes be difficult for housebuilders and our architects to understand or assess properly. They are always happy to work collaboratively, offering advice or checking possibilities when finalising a SAP calculation or final specification of a property. They were patient throughout and were able to give an excellent insight into where the easy gains were in the fabric of a house.”

By demonstrating their knowledge of a comprehensive range of current products and innovative solutions, the team at Darren Evans Assessment Ltd can play a continual role in assessing the impact of design alterations whilst at the same time help their customers save money and build energy efficient buildings.

With this prestigious development set to welcome homeowners in 2016, the expertise and range of energy efficiency services provided by Darren Evans Assessments Ltd has ensured this modern development is of the highest quality and met the strict energy efficient requirements of both Part L and Cumbrian Homes.