Crown paints a picture of complete specification support at PfH Live 2016

Representatives from Crown Paints will be on hand at PfH Live to explain how the company can help professionals involved within the social housing sector meet the modern challenges they face.

With initiatives including industry-leading colour expertise, sustainable solutions and specialist coatings, the UK paint manufacturer offers an innovative blend of personal service and high quality products all geared-up to meet social landlords’ exact needs.

Crown Paints will be on stand p14 at PfH Live, part of the CIH Conference, which is being held on the 28th-30th June at Manchester Central.

Debbie Orr, Crown Paints’ Marketing Manager for Trade brands, said:

“At the heart of Crown Paints’ service for clients involved in social housing is a range of tailored options, designed to balance compliance with value for money and the delivery of enhanced capabilities and efficiencies.”

“A key element of our support comes from the Crown Paints Colour Service Team, which brings together a wealth of expertise and initiatives to help specifiers get the right shades and schemes for their projects.”

“Accessed through Crown Paints’ Specification Services, initiatives include the creation of exterior and interior schemes, completed using computer aided design, and for certain projects the Colour Services Team can provide face-to-face consultation.”

“Furthermore, the focus is not just on aesthetics, with the service able to advise on specialist areas including colour and dementia, the Equality Act – and provide insight into the effect different shades can have on emotions.”

At PfH Live, Crown Paints will also set out the benefits of its Sustainable Smart Maintenance programme, which is focused on the right specification of products to ensure the maximum lifetime of the product is achieved and a substantial return on investment gained.

This programme sees Crown Paints’ Specification Services team conduct a site analysis to find the best products for individual environments. Appropriate paints are selected and this increases paint life-cycles – with redecoration only required after seven to eight years instead of every four to five years.

Finally, specialist products such as Crown Trade Timonox will also be featured at the PfH event.

For more than 40 years, Crown Trade’s Timonox flame retardant system has played a key role in fire safety within the social housing sector – slowing down the spread of flames and ‘buying’ precious time for buildings to be evacuated.

The system can help social housing providers bring premises up to the required safety standards, of relevant legislation including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) in England and Wales and The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

A recent reformulation if the system has seen the number of coats required reduced from four to three – offering social housing clients considerable savings in product costs, labour charges and time-saving benefits too.

Debbie Orr added:

“A build-up of conventional decorative paint finishes to wall and ceiling surfaces can potentially be hazardous in terms of contributing to flame spread in the event of a fire.”

“Of significance for most housing providers is the fact that the Crown Trade system can be applied over multiple layers of conventional paint – thereby upgrading the fire safety of existing housing stock and at the same time decorating and protecting interior walls and ceilings.”

“At PfH Live we will be explaining how we’ve improved the Crown Trade Timonox upgrade system, which is used in properties with more 10 coats of old paint, to achieve the Class 0 status required by law.”

“Now only one coat of Crown Trade Timonox Upgrade Basecoat, followed by two coats of Crown Trade Timonox Emulsion topcoat, are needed to offer protection against the rapid spread of flames and improve a Class four surface to a Class 0, so this reformulation offers significant benefits.”

More details about Crown Paints Specification Services can be found at