Councils can do their bit to get Britain building

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis announces new powers for councils to help them build new affordable homes across the country.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis 9 October 2014 announced new powers for councils to help them build new affordable homes across the country.

The minister confirmed that 22 councils will be able to borrow an additional £122 million over the next 2 years to deliver over 1,700 new affordable homes and support local growth.

But with £178 million still up for grabs, Mr Lewis argued that more councils should be putting themselves forward – especially as many have asked for the very borrowing powers that are being offered.

Building more affordable homes

Housebuilding is a central part of the government’s long-term economic plan: since 2010 nearly half a million new homes have been delivered, including 200,000 affordable homes.

In 2012, the government changed the Housing Revenue Account subsidy system so councils keep all the rents they collect from their homes, and all receipts from any sales of houses or land, giving them the freedom to invest them in building new homes.

Most recently, council housing starts have hit a 23-year high.

Already, 16 councils have been given the go-ahead to borrow £62 million in additional funds to deliver over 1,000 new affordable homes.

Today, Mr Lewis confirmed that a further £60 million borrowing would be made available including to 6 new councils.

This takes the total to £122 million additional borrowing powers granted to 22 councils, to deliver over 1,700 new affordable homes over the next 2 years.

But Mr Lewis said this was just the first step: with just 1 week left to bid for the second round of extra borrowing available, he challenged councils who had not already done so to come forward.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said:

“Today, I’m giving borrowing powers to 22 councils who over the next 2 years will use that to build over 1,700 new affordable homes for their communities.”

“It’s one of the many things we’ve done that have got Britain building – with housebuilding levels now at their highest since 2007 and climbing.”

“But with £178 million additional borrowing still up for grabs I want more councils to do their bit, to follow in the footsteps of these 22, and bid for the very powers they asked for.”