Control your renewable Ecodan heating from anywhere in the world with MELCloud

Mitsubishi Electric has launched an innovative Wi-Fi interface which delivers ‘cloud-based’ control for owners of renewable Ecodan heating, from anywhere in the world.

MELCloud™ has been designed to offer fast and easy mobile control and monitoring of Ecodan heating systems either locally or remotely from a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone via the Internet.

Homeowners will now be able to take control of their heating and hot water with key features allowing them to alter the heating set point, hot water and the holiday mode along with temperature settings and monitoring functions.

James Timbs-Harrison, Product Marketing Manager for the company’s Heating Systems explains:

“Enabling the accurate control of a system will help ensure that both running costs and emissions are kept to a minimum,”

MELCloud is designed to provide extensive user and device coverage and works with the majority of Internet browsers from Microsoft, Google, Apple and others. Apple and Android Apps are now downloadable from European iTunes and Google Play store – all free of charge.

As well as simple on/off functions and operational reports of the different heating zones and set points, the system also includes a live two-day weather feed from the location of the Ecodan unit.  Timbs-Harrison adds:

“We have tested the Wi-Fi interface in several sites across Europe since last summer and this has led to the development of the MELCloud system which provides users with effortless control of their heating system wherever they are,” 

The service is available throughout Europe, and the application has been designed with the majority of European languages supported at release, with further European languages support planned in the future.

A demonstration of how the system works is available by clicking the ‘login’ tab on and selecting ‘Show demonstration’ and then ‘Heating’.

For more details on the comprehensive range of Ecodan heat pumps are available at the company’s website: .