Consorts just the job for North View Housing

North View is a community controlled housing association located in the Windlaw area of Castlemilk, on the southernmost boundary of the city of Glasgow.

The forward-thinking organisation aims to provide high quality housing at an affordable rent level whilst promoting meaningful community control and participation in decision making by the tenants. Every few years North View surveys properties from each development phase to quality assess fixtures and fittings including the kitchens, windows, bathrooms and central heating systems. The results feed into an on-going maintenance programme. Thirteen Consort cubicles from the Kinedo range by Saniflo were chosen recently to upgrade the bathrooms in the homes.

The Consort cubicle is easy and quick to install – ensuring the least disruption to the occupiers and maximising time for the installer. With a plastic interior and styrene doors the unit is durable but   low maintenance. Inward opening doors are fitted as standard for maximum space efficiency in the bathroom. Jim Girdwood installed the units on behalf of North View Housing:

“These units are very straightforward to install – we have a working, leak free shower up and running in under half a day. I’ve fitted many of these now and they are really a great choice for these properties – with no tiling or grouting and no silicone required they are practical and modern in style. With a single piece interior and the lightweight doors it slots together very simply. ”

Robert Smith occupies one of the houses and recently had his bathroom upgraded. He was expecting a lot more disruption.

“I was very impressed with how quickly the new shower was installed. As I had the whole bathroom replaced it did take a couple of days, but the day the shower was fitted I was able to use it immediately because of the way it’s constructed. I’m very pleased with it.”