Commercial car parking built with sustainable grass reinforcement

For domestic driveways there are options for both plastic and concrete grass reinforcement. Domestic households can turn those concrete driveways into sustainable green vistas to replenish the water table and limit surface drainage into the sewer system.

Grass Concrete Ltd enjoys the benefit of offering both concrete and plastic varieties of grass permeable paving, and operates a strict fit for purpose policy.

For heavy duty use and load bearing then the company’s Grasscrete or Grassblock can be utilised – typically commercial car parking. Hard wearing and sustainable these two concrete systems are designed to last – Grasscrete is cast onsite whereas Grassblock comes as pre cast blocks.

Grassroad plastic paving has become a proven system designed for use where light trafficking applications are called for – secondary parking in driveways and grass verge hardening and embankments. Grassroad is a unique honeycomb hardened structure, a tough hard-standing material and offers a very easy to lay option that can achieve 95% grass coverage.

Wakefield based Grass Concrete Ltd are experts in external works and grass landscaping.

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