Combine the Matrix Wash Basin with Select Basin Bracket for greater flexibility

It’s widely accepted that a bathroom which offers greater independence for those with limited mobility can significantly enhance self-esteem. So the combination of Pressalit Care’s new Matrix Wash Basin, with the height adjustable features of its Select Basin Bracket, creates an ideal solution to meet the needs of those in more demanding care environments such as lifetime, care and nursing homes, as well as in private homes and residential accommodation.

The Matrix Wash Basin is ideal for use in all types of bathroom. It features two rounded integrated handrails cast into the shallow, marble bowl which can be used either for support, or when not used in this way, as a towel rail. The basin is designed with raised edges to stop water spilling over the sides.

Providing a safe and secure grip for users wanting to lift themselves to a standing position, or to manoeuvre themselves while seated, the basin has been fully tested to the most rigorous standards.

Greater flexibility can be achieved for the Matrix Wash Basin when installed with the Pressalit Care Select Basin Bracket, which is suitable for specification in Changing Places installations.

Providing support without compromising safety, the Basin Bracket allows the basin to be adjusted vertically by a height of 300mm, either by an electronic lever or wired hand control. The height of the wash basin can be adjusted from 660 to 960 mm above the floor.

Of course, if the basin is being used as a support to lever out of a wheelchair for example, the brackets and the wash basin material must be able to withstand very high loads. The Pressalit Care range exceeds the requirements of BS/EN 14688 – Pressalit Care has tested the Matrix Wash Basins up to a static load of 200kg for one hour – far exceeding the market standard. The basins are tested precisely where the pressure is greatest during daily use – at the front edge and in the centre above the drain hole.

All Matrix Wash Basins are available with a range of accessories, including taps, modular shelves and baskets, and can be used alongside Pressalit Care’s extensive range of grab rails and support arms.

Leaders in the design of flexible bathroom furnishings for over thirty five years, Pressalit Care has been designing bathrooms for care homes, hospitals and institutions where practicality is a pre-requisite, it makes sense that every tiniest detail has been taken care of in this new range for the home.

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