Changing the shift of balance – literally

Summer 2016 saw the launch of the latest innovations from Simpson Strong-Tie, aimed at providing racking resistance to timber structures; Steel Strong-Wall and Steel Strong-Portal.

Easy to integrate with existing timber frame designs, each system comes as a kit, complete with the required fixings and adhesives to connect to the foundations and existing framework.

Simon Horn, Technical Development Manager of a Timber Frame provider said:

“With the demand to build more housing, site densities are increasing to achieve maximum land potential and deliver financial return. Add to this the desire for open plan living, together with the flexibility of design by offering different floor plan arrangements within a core footprint – fully embracing the Custom Build philosophy – and you start to compound the issue of structural stability for what is effectively an open, unrestrained box.

“How can you make that open structure stable and resist horizontal forces, or tension from imposed elevational features, while providing a spacious environment internally, and observing commercial performance, thermal performance and acoustic performance? Not easy. But the Strong-Wall incorporated the factors required, in one solution.”