CCL Wetrooms launch tilesure waterproofing & decoupling membrane

CCL Wetrooms have launched Tilesure, a new Butyl Waterproofing and Decoupling Membrane, suitable for waterproofing wetroom floors on timber and solid floors. Tilesure is an evolution of the market leading RIW Tilesafe bitumen-based membrane.

Tilesure is a 1.4mm self-adhesive membrane containing a copolymer layer and polypropylene top fleece. The new membrane has superior decoupling properties of up to 12mm, ensuring that any movement in the floor substrate is accommodated, preventing the grout and floor tiles from cracking.

Thanks to butyl’s durability and greater temperature tolerances, Tilesure can be installed simply and easily on-site at all temperatures. Tilesure is quick and easy to apply and once installed, is ready to be tiled upon immediately. Tilesure is compatible with silicone sealants and creates a secure waterproof barrier that is guaranteed to remain waterproof for the life of the wetroom tiles.

To view the installation of Tilesure Waterproofing & Decoupling Membrane, why not take a look at the latest short animation from CCL Wetrooms, which brings the process to life.

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