Cavity Trays latest building envelope solutions at the Build Show

The longest-established company in its specialised field and the only cavity tray company in the UK awarded European Technical Approval is displaying it latest products at the Build Show.

Cavity Trays of Yeovil has a history dating back to the 1920’s and its approved products are accompanied with a performance warranty.

Its know-how and expertise derived over almost a century is available for the benefit of Architect, Builder and Client.

Updated (Displayed on stand)

The latest updated Type X cavitray for gable abutments provides a swift and effective way of arresting and controlling rain penetrating masonry above a sloping abutment. Trays are available to suit all styles and sizes of masonry from brick to block to stone.

Each approved Type X cavitray has a ready-shaped flashing already attached, and an adjustable back upstand that now extends to cover an even wider range of cavity widths, ensuring compatibility at all times.

New (Displayed on stand)

The Type BWVC was recently released and its appearance at the Build Show is its first at a major exhibition.

The full name of this new product is the Bay Window Vertical Cavitray and it overcomes a problem experienced by many during the 2013/2014 wet winter:  lateral transference. Lateral transference or ‘sideways soak’ as it is often termed, refers to exterior skin masonry becoming saturated and then permitting saturation to permeate ‘sideways’ into the structure. It can occur to the sides of a bay window between bay roof intersection level and the lower level where the lintel runs across the bay to support the wall above. The Type BWVC cleverly links the two whilst maintaining masonry bonding and coursing. Its presence halts horizontal wet permeation.

This new product is compatible for use with other approved cavitrays for horizontal and sloping roofs.

New (Displayed on stand)

A range of preformed damp courses and trays for use with timber frame construction demonstrate the benefits of building using pre-shaped damp-protection solutions rather than relying on site forming and fabrication.

Pre-shaped extends the protective qualities beyond just one face of the element requiring protection, guarding against misplacement and ensuring every touch-point is both uniformly and consistently addressed.

New (Displayed on stand)

The designer now has a wider choice of caviclosers capable of reveal closing cavity widths up to 240mm wide. The latest models include new fire-rated models that are immediately identifiable by a red prefix, eg: Cavi 60. This signifies the cavicloser has a sixty minutes fire integrity rating. The range extends from one hour to four hours (Cavi 240). The Specifier is able to instantly identify and select a model with the requisite protection and cavity width qualities.

New (Displayed on stand)

Being launched at the Build Show is a reveal face closer that permits full fill insulation to be continued unpunctuated to the reveal face. It provides a novel way of eliminating the need for separate insulating elements being required within a fully insulated cavity wall that is able to meet the thermal requirements demanded.

The Type RFC (Reveal Face Closer) may be used to close compliant cavity walls with cavity widths from 50mm to 150mm.

The Cavity Tray stand number is  B3/204 and may be found adjacent to the main entrances into the Build Show hall.