Capacity surveys – helping London’s local authorities deliver good growth

Since 2014, the Mayor of London has surveyed London boroughs every two years to determine their place-shaping capacity.

The results have helped us to develop new programmes to support boroughs – such as Public Practice and the Homebuilding Capacity Fund – and is crucial to the delivery of the Good Growth by Design.

The latest survey moves beyond focussing solely on capacity and also looked at design review. This reflects the fact that design review is a key part of the National Planning Framework, as well as the London Plan, and aims to ensure the quality of built schemes.

Broadly, the picture is of continued strain on local authorities place-shaping capacity, and the considerable variation across London in terms of place-shaping staffing.

Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, Jules Pipe, said:

“This data has been helpful in continuing to shape how we respond to London’s design challenges and I believe that this pan-London picture is crucial to help us make the case to the government for investing in greater capacity across London.

“The Mayor is committed to the Good Growth by Design programme, which places great importance on the high-quality design of buildings and neighbourhoods as we together seek together to tackle London’s growth challenges.”