Business Advantage announces results of worldwide CAD trends survey

The IT, software and telecoms industry research specialist Business Advantage Group announced it has completed its 2015 worldwide CAD Trends Survey.

Chris Turner, CEO/Managing Director of Business Advantage said:

“Knowing about your target market trends is vital for future planning of any business. This annual CAD Trends survey of 635 professionals is designed to assist CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM and PLM users and software companies with their planning for 2015 and beyond. As previously the public report is in the form of a graphical PowerPoint® is quite high level and easy to scan. For those with a deeper interest, many insights are available within the full data set. Anyone interested in more detailed analysis of the data, for example by trend, usage, adoption, region, industry or CAD software vendor should contact us.”

The survey was completed by 635 professionals from around the world in late 2014. It covers 15 Trends – from ‘3D modeling’ and ‘Building Information Modeling (BIM)’ to ‘Cloud Based CAD’, from ‘Simulation’ to ‘3D Printing’, from ‘Open Source CAD’ to ‘Augmented/Virtual/Reality Computing’. These and more are ranked by awareness, importance, current and intended adoption to reveal their trends and growth potential, including comparison to the prior year survey results. Many fascinating 2015 insights include:

  • Growth of 3D modelling in AEC is predicted to be up to 4 times greater than in Manufacturing
  • PDM actual growth last year was more than double the prediction and 21% growth is expected this year
  • Simulation adoption was more than double last year’s prediction, AEC usage predicted to grow by 58% in 3-5 years
  • PLM predicted to grow by 19% this year and 43% in the next 3-5 years
  • Concurrent Engineering predicted to grow 32% this year, 63% in 3-5 years
  • BIM growth lower than predicted last year but 45% predicted in AEC for next 3-5 years
  • Mobile CAD usage highest in North America but highest 3-5 year growth expected in APAC
  • 3D Printing to grow 50% this year, 39% in Manufacturing, 110% in AEC, usage to more than double in 3-5 years
  • Cloud based CAD usage predicted to double this year and triple in 3-5 years – highest in AEC

In addition many key questions are answered; are annual software upgrades worth the investment, what hardware is in use now for CAD and what will be used next, how do customers prefer to keep up to date with industry developments etc.? As interesting as these questions are, equally intriguing are the variations in results by country/region, industry, size of company and software brands.

“Over the years we have completed more than 600 market research, data analytics and consulting projects for many of the world’s leading CAD, CAM, PLM, PDM and CAE solution providers. The confidential results of those projects often reveal competitive advantages or strategies and naturally very few of these have been published. However we believe the contributions of CAD, CAM, PLM, PDM and CAE to productivity growth across many industries are vitally important and very interesting to many worldwide. For this reason we do an annual survey of worldwide CAD Trends in our own name and share the results publicly.”

Business Advantage’s team of specialist researchers has undertaken B2B market research and consulting on a worldwide basis and has successfully completed over 1,200 assignments for information and communications technology clients in over 100 countries, spanning five continents.