Buildworld has got a new brand identity

After a decade in operation, Buildworld has been given a facelift.

May 2020 London (UK): The popular building and construction supplies company is heading into the 20s with a whole new look. They have reimagined their logo and corporate identity into a modern, sleek design. The trademark orange has been kept for the logo, but the design now reflects a single B in a bold, block font. Gone is the green writing that spelled out the company name and tag line.

This new logo is set to become the centre of the brand’s identity. It is hoped that it will be instantly recognisable as the Buildworld stamp of approval on products for the construction industry.

With the new brand look comes a renewed promise of excellent quality in products, efficient and quick deliveries, and outstanding service. In addition, the website remains secure. All transactions are safe and customer’s personal details will never be passed on to third parties.

The website now reflects a bolder version of the font it’s always used. This signifies the solid presence that the company has built over the last 10 years in both the online and offline worlds. The new look signifies the strength of the company, it’s service and products, and the strength of the community it has built.

The process of shopping with Buildworld remains user-friendly, and the company still supplies a wide range of products and solutions to choose from. Buildworld also remains committed to providing customers with all of their building requirements, from roof tiles to cement for the foundations and everything in between.

As Buildworld moves into this new decade, the company promises to deliver on the strength of their brand. The hope is that this new look embodies this promise and will continue to engender trust with their clients.

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Tel: 0116 212 3456