Building material manufacturers should provide advice and information for a top spot among architects

Getting the attention of architects and being prescribed in the specifications is very important for brands in the construction sector. Becoming a preferred brand among this group is therefore an important goal for many brands of building materials and products.

Arch-Vision asked 1,600 architects in 8 countries what besides the price and the quality, they find important for a brand to become a preferred brand. The scores in the table below show that a brand should at least provide aesthetical advice. In almost all countries this aspect seems to be very important. Only in Italy and the Netherlands is this aspect less essential.

Providing detailed technical information is the second most important aspect in becoming a preferred brand. This aspect is especially important among architects in the UK, Italy and Poland. In addition to this, brands should provide engineering advice if they want to become preferred by the architects. Especially in Germany, Italy, Belgium and Poland.

The French and Dutch architects derogate from this. They consider providing sustainable alternatives as a very important aspect. Furthermore, the scores for Spain show that being inspiring is also seen as important by architects.

BIM information, calculation tools and complete solutions are not mentioned by a large share of architects and can be seen as “nice to have”. Nevertheless, the less often mentioned aspects should not be undervalued, because if many brands make sure they cover the most important aspects, the less often mentioned aspects can make your company stand out.

These and many other results and trends of the developments of the European construction market can be found in the European Architectural Barometer, an international market research conducted among 1,600 architects in Europe. This study is conducted in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland by Arch-Vision four times a year. Besides indicators to forecast the European building volumes, a specific topic is highlighted each quarter. The topic in Q1 2015 was “Love brands”.