British architects excluded from decision-making project roles

British architects take a leading role in decision-making in only two out of seven key phases of construction projects relative to their European counterparts, according to a recent report.

The latest European Architectural Barometer report by Arch-Vision was based on a quarterly study of 1,600 architects in eight European countries. It revealed that it was only in the design and planning phases of projects that the majority of British architects had decision-making roles.

Under 50% of UK architects surveyed said that they had decision power in the development, engineering, interior finishing, implementation and “exploitation” phases of projects.

By comparison, French architects were decision makers in several areas beyond design and planning according to the study, making some of the key project calls in the implementation, engineering, interior finishing and planning phases.

Similarly to UK architects, most Dutch and Polish architects’ roles were restricted to the design phase, with it being the only area in which over 50 per cent of architects said they were decision-makers.