BM TRADA signs agreement with Italian trade association

BM TRADA has signed an agreement to provide CE marking services to members of the Italian timber trade association, FederLegnoArredo. The services will be delivered through FederLegnoArredo’s commercial arm, Conlegno, and will initially be for the strength grading of structural timber.

Strength grading for structural timber is undertaken to ensure the timber is capable of carrying the required load. Each piece of timber is visually or machine graded and assigned to an appropriate strength grade or class. For graded timber to be CE marked, it has to comply with EN 14081-1: Timber structures. Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section. General requirements, which defines the requirements for visual- and machine-grading in Europe.

To achieve a CE mark, all suppliers must have a factory production control (FPC) system in place. For strength-graded structural timber for building and bridges, which is a System 2+ product, a Notified Body must be responsible for an initial inspection of the FPC system and its continuing surveillance. This requires that each manufacturer’s FPC system is audited at least annually.

As a UKAS-accredited Notified Body, BM TRADA will be administering the scheme and issuing certificates. Conlegno will be in direct contact with the grading companies and will conduct audits of their factory production control systems under the direction of BM TRADA. FederLegnoArredo members taking part in the scheme will be able to CE mark their timber by demonstrating compliance with EN 14081.

Commenting on the agreement, BM TRADA Technical Manager Dr Hugh Mansfield Williams declared:

“It is a great pleasure to be working with our colleagues in Milan. This new venture demonstrates how Notified Bodies are able to work across the European Union and shows how barriers to trade are being lowered as part of the CPR process.

“The success of this venture will hopefully lead to greater co-operation with our European colleagues in future, with schemes being extended to other products such as chestnut, structural timber, and also glue-laminated and cross-laminated timber.”

BM TRADA provides independent certification, testing, inspection, training and technical services across a range of industry sectors. It is a notified body and can conduct UKAS accredited FPC certification to assist suppliers in achieving compliance with the CPR. FederLegnoArredo is a private non-profit organisation that was founded with the aim of protecting the forest resources and biodiversity, promoting the use of wood from raw material to packaging. Both FederLegnoArredo and BM TRADA represent their countries on the technical committee that develops and revises EN 14081 in response to market needs and to meet the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation.