BM TRADA helps Reisser achieve CE marking

Reisser, a leading UK distributor of high performance screws, has achieved CE marking for its R2 and Cutter series of wood screws with the help of BM TRADA.

BM TRADA conducted initial type testing for the high performance wood screws, which are used within the construction industry. The Cutter features two patented slots and distinct ribs and tucks under the head to enable screwing closer to the edge without splitting, while the R2 uses hardened steel to provide maximum tensile and torsional strength and features a sharp point and wide deep thread which allows it to penetrate all timbers without a pilot hole.

Since the screws are often used in structural applications, Reisser was required to use a Notified Body to conduct testing before a CE mark could be applied. Explaining why the company selected BM TRADA to undertake the work, Peter Cook of Reisser stated:

“The R2 and Cutter wood screws are key products for Reisser, offering high performance for use in construction. Thanks to BM TRADA, we were able to CE mark these two ranges and place them on the market ahead of the introduction of the Construction Products Regulations.

“We chose BM TRADA because of its excellent reputation. It is a high calibre brand and is well recognised in the industry. We were very pleased with the service supplied. Despite the pressure leading up to the 1 July CE marking deadline, BM TRADA kept us fully informed of progress every step of the way.”

To apply a CE mark, screws for structural timber applications must meet the requirements of EN 14592: 2008: Timber structure : Dowel-type fasteners: Requirements. BM TRADA checked the geometry and carried out testing of the screws, including yield moment; withdrawal; head pull-through, tensile capacity; torsional strength and torsional resistance.

Mark Wilkinson, BM TRADA Commercial Business Development Manager, Building and Product Services, explains:


“Testing is a key tool in establishing a product’s performance and BM TRADA was happy to help Reisser to demonstrate the characteristics of their wood screws.

“Whether it is to satisfy CPR requirements, gain third-party certification, comply with regulations or meet a specification, BM TRADA offers an integrated service based on the requirements of national and international building regulations, and third-party assessments.

“In our first-class facilities we can provide independent UKAS accredited testing services for a range of fasteners and connections used within the building and timber construction industry. We can also implement bespoke testing methods for particular end uses where no assessment guidance exists.”

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