BIM Academy to support Hong Kong construction professionals

BIM Academy has joined forces with Hong Kong University to deliver an initiative to give industry clients in Hong Kong a greater understanding of best practice in Building Information Modelling (BIM) implementation and project management.

In August, BIM Academy begins delivery of collaborative workshops to provide a greater understanding of the effective application of BIM workflows and technologies to projects in the building and infrastructure sectors. AECOM, Atkins and Hong Kong Jockey Club are amongst those attending the workshop.

BIM Academy is a collaboration between Northumbria University and Ryder Architecture founded in 2010 as a centre of excellence for BIM and has been highly effective in delivering research and consultancy to industry since its inception, as well as supporting the university’s multidisciplinary curriculum for the built environment. BIM Academy has won several international awards for its leadership of multidisciplinary BIM initiatives over the last two years, including Build Qatar Live.

The Hong Kong initiative has arisen due to the rising awareness of BIM in the territory and the compelling business case for its application in the built environment to support improved cost efficiency, quality safety and the low carbon agenda. The workshops will bring best practice gained from real UK industry project experience and government sponsored guidance to explain the practical application of BIM throughout the briefing, procurement and operation stages.

The workshop sessions will span three days and provide clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers and facility managers with a more extensive understanding of the multidisciplinary practices required to successfully implement BIM and the management processes to support this.

Senior and middle management from industry professionals from the building, civil engineering and property sectors will improve their understanding of how to assess competence, draft and assess tender enquiries and plan and monitor the BIM execution process, through collaborative group working and case studies.

The BIM Academy team comprises Peter Barker, managing director and John Lorimer, formerly capital programme director of Manchester City Council, and a member of the UK BIS BIM steering group.

Peter Barker said:

“The recently published UK government Construction Strategy 2025 places great emphasis on smart working and the opportunity to export cutting edge UK skills to an expanding global construction market which is predicted to expand by 70% over the next 12 years. We see this initiative in Hong Kong as a great example of how UK specialist expertise in BIM can support this vision.”

John Lorimer said:

“BIM is a fusion of process and technology and needs to be carefully planned and managed if it is to deliver full potential, particularly to the end user. This is a great opportunity for us to share the practical expertise we have gained in the UK with our fellow professionals in Hong Kong.”