BeWarmer believes RugBuddy™ solves the cold feet problem

BeWarmer Limited has launched RugBuddy™ in the UK. RugBuddy™ is an under rug heater that has sold successfully in the USA and Republic of South Africa for many years but has only now been re-engineered for the UK Market.

BeWarmer believes RugBuddy™ solves the cold feet problem

The problem with conventional central heating is that the heat source is usually on the wall, often some distance from where you spend your time in the room, and likely to cause convection currents. Which means cold draughts at floor level and the warmest air near the ceiling.

Underfloor heating is the perfect solution and, of course, has been around since Roman times. The comfort of gentle radiant heat coming up from the floor gives an unparalleled sense of luxury. So long as it is well insulated from the underlying concrete and floor structure it doesn’t cost too much to run, either.

But underfloor heating is not an easy retro-fit and would be very expensive to do properly in an existing building.

What if you could lay your heating on top of the floor without having to dig anything up? That would be easy, especially if it just plugged into the wall socket.

And that is exactly what RugBuddy™ does. RugBuddy™ is a heater mat that you unroll, cover with a rug, and plug in.

We often place rugs in seating areas, under dining tables, or under our desks. Placing a RugBuddy™ underneath brings the comfort normally associated with underfloor heating to the areas where you spend most time.

It’s such a simple idea it’s a wonder no-one has thought of it before.

But there was one practical obstacle in the way. How do you stop it overheating if, for example, you put a heavy rug over it? Or the dog falls asleep on it?

This is something that RugBuddy™ has overcome with its sophisticated design.

As the mat heats up the RugBuddy’s ability to produce heat reduces. There’s no restriction on the type of rug placed over a RugBuddy™ as the risk of overheating is avoided.

This clever solution makes RugBuddy™ the simplest and most useful form of area heating you can imagine. Just unroll, cover with your rug and plug in! Within minutes you will be enjoying the warmth of radiant heat – just like full sized underfloor heating.

RugBuddy™ is available now on the website.

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BeWarmer Limited brings RugBuddy™ to the UK