Better rooflight option for single ply

A better roof finish can be achieved using a new solution from partners Brett Martin and Protan.

Now, Mardome rooflights can be specified with a factory-fitted Protan G1.5mm vapour permeable single ply membrane collar. The option minimises the amount of on-site fixing and welding required. As a result, a neater finish around a complicated detail is attained, and potential weather penetration through poor workmanship significantly reduced.

Further, a single point warranty is attained, protecting value for the building’s owner.

Protan managing director Fraser Maitland said: 

“Detailing, especially round rooflights, is potentially a weak spot in any single ply roof. Giving specifiers a ready dressed rooflight removes reliance on the quality of workmanship and can potentially eliminate ‘snagging’ issues such as weather leakage. In the overall roofing project cost, using the ready-dressed option saves money, and hassle, and gives a more aesthetic end result!”

Tom Oglivie, Brett Martin Daylight Systems managing director, adds:

“Brett Martin is very pleased to have developed this innovative solution in partnership with Protan. We are sure it will offer real savings on installation and improve quality at the same time.”

The complete spectrum of Brett Martin Mardome Trade and Ultra dome rooflights can be specified with a Protan factory-fitted collar, including sizes from 600mm x 600mm up to 1800mm x 1800mm, triple and quadruple glazed units, opening and ventilation options, low rise or pyramid, direct fix kerb, and an acoustics pack.

The prefabricated rooflight is one element of Protan’s omprehensive range of single ply roofing solutions, covered at, all designed to protect value for specifier and contractor. Manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Norway, Protan roofing solutions are guaranteed for a minimum 10 years, but the company has roofs that have been in place for 30+ years without performance-affecting degradation. A full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice and variable warranty depending on specification is provided from Protan UK’s Warrington office.