Bespoke fireplaces for the home

Designer fireplaces that can be crafted to suit any space are becoming the ideal accessory for the modern home.

SmartFire, the UK’s sole distributor of EcoSmart Fire, provides elegant fires that are fuelled entirely by bio-ethanol, which means they need no chimney, flue or extraction system.

These fires provide an energy efficient and cost effective answer to indoor heating that provides warmth, ambience and a stunning focal point.

The EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box has become a popular choice with architects and selfbuilders looking for versatility whilst designing their own fireplace.

The fires have been designed to suit a wide range of building materials meaning they can compliment both a traditional or modern look.

The fuel is stored in the device’s internal reservoir meaning that there are no pipes or cables required during the installation process.

All the workings of the fire are managed from inside the box so they can simply be installed into a standard frame or inside an existing fireplace.

For an alternative to the Fire Box, the EcoSmart Bio Ethanol Burners are the obvious choice for creating a design statement.

Their versatility means they can be placed anywhere – within the middle of a table for a talking point over dinner, around the pool or in the centre of a stylish lounge.

The Designer range is ideal if you want a contemporary focal or talking point within a room.

Perfect for any home, these fires can be created to bespoke requirements to suit all needs.