Benoy wins international design competition for COFCO

Benoy is excited to announce the firm has won the international competition for the COFCO Joy Breeze project in Suzhou, China, beating strong competition from several leading design firms. The win marks another appointment by COFCO for Benoy following the Joy City development in Hangzhou, China.

The scheme is located in the centre of Suzhou’s Xiangcheng district, a busy central yet residential area where the entrance to the city’s planned future central park sits nearly. Spanning a total GFA of 300,000m2, the mixed-use project brings together a retail mall, retail streets, public transport hub and parking facilities.

Qin Pang, Director and Head of the Shanghai Studio said,

“Our brief was to create a major commercial opportunity on this site as well as capture the interest of the district’s 25 to 45 year-old community. We were inspired by a passage from the Analects of Confucius which speaks of former eras and the feeling of enjoyment in the springtime. Our design has aimed to evoke these feelings and memories of happy spring days spent exploring new places.”

Benoy’s design subsequently is a retail, recreation and entertainment hub which emphasises its diversified offer through the variety of its spaces. The scheme is instantly recognisable for its network of balconies, rooftops, public squares, retail streets and boxes. The various sections are linked by a multi-level thoroughfare that runs through each floor and ensures the scheme can be navigated as a whole.

Qin continued,

“We’ve paid attention to that special element of surprise. For visitors coming day-to-day to do their shopping or meet with friends, each visit will bring a new experience.”

Through the openness of its design and the multiple entry points and extensive street frontage, the Joy Breeze development also integrates with its surrounding urban and natural environments and the nearby residential areas.

As a transport hub, the project is located close to Metro Line 4’s Longdaobang Station and includes a bus station terminal on site. The development is due to start construction in 2019.