Beautiful Brindle for Beaufield Homes

Redland’s Rosemary Heather Brindle was the tile of choice for 1 of three houses being built on Leatherhead Road, Oxshott by Beaufield Homes.

The Heather Brindle tile was specified by Beaufield Homes for its distinct purple colour as they wanted to create “a strikingly attractive roof which works in harmony not only with the brickwork of the house but also with the surrounding properties”. The purple hue offers a beautifully distinguished look, whilst the orange sanded finish aligns itself with the inclusive aesthetic of the area.

Leatherhead Road boasts stunning high-end properties and this was no exception. Being a Beaufield Homes property, it was designed to meet the requirements of the more premium market. Operating at the upper end of the property market, superior quality was at the forefront in the design decision making process.

Along with all of the tiles in the Rosemary range, Heather Brindle is produced from the finest clays and when used as part of a Redland SpecMaster specification, the completed roof will qualify for a fifteen year design liability guarantee.

All of Redland’s roofing systems comply with British Standards and Building Regulations meaning they will stand the test of time.