Back to school with free fire safety webinar

The contemporary trend for education buildings to provide open, multi-use spaces offers a relaxed and flexible learning environment, but it can also introduce a number of safety concerns.

To address this, one of the UK’s leading experts in fire design engineering, FDS Consult, is offering a free webinar on Wednesday the 26th of February from 1pm, providing advice backed by a number of case study examples.

Hosted by Senior Fire Engineer Jigar Pandya, the one hour session will focus on fire engineered solutions and the increased flexibility and building cost savings such solutions can achieve in building design. Jigar will also discuss the provision of fire safety systems in a variety of scenarios, such as smoke venting and sprinkler systems, and the benefits that they can offer to a design.

The webinar will also discuss the key consideration of the ongoing use and fire safety management of the building following client handover, a key consideration in education settings as any strategy must then be followed by the premises staff.

Speaking of the upcoming event, Jigar said:

“This is an excellent opportunity for architects, consultants, contractors and building managers to expand their knowledge of fire design within the education sector.

“By taking a fire engineered approach to designing premises, it’s possible to meet client objectives for contemporary building design, while achieving high fire safety standards and cost savings.”

The second in a series, the webinar will be followed by a number of other sessions with expert speakers throughout 2014, including residential, commercial and other sector focuses.

See FDS Consult’s full webinar calendar and register your interest at or call Helen Jeffery on 01322 387 411.