AXEDO speeds up drainage install at London Luton Airport

The use of the Axedo plastic inspection chambers has significantly reduced the installation time of a highly efficient, integrated drainage solution for a brand new multi-storey car park at London Luton Airport (LLA).

Multi-disciplinary contractor Buckingham Group Contracting was awarded the £8 million contract by London Luton Airport to construct a new 1,700 space multi-storey short term car park, as part of a wider £110 million transformation project, including expansion of the airport terminal, a new bus interchange and access road improvements.

Buckingham Group approached water management specialists JDP to supply an effective drainage management solution to protect the new facility. The JDP technical team designed a system incorporating Axedo plastic inspection chambers as part of a fully integrated underground drainage pipe system.

Axedo is a state-of-the-art inspection chamber system, which is fast, versatile and provides a safer option than concrete. As an alternative to the traditional concrete chamber, the use of Axedo plastic chambers can lead to savings in installation time of up to 50 per cent, saving cost both in time and materials. In addition, Axedo includes plastic chambers, which can be used for deeper installation depths, offering non-man entry access as defined in the requirements of Sewers for Adoption (SfA7). Unlike concrete chambers, which will require a much larger excavation, Axedo chambers are lighter allowing for quicker and easier installation, without the need for heavy lifting equipment, and enabling a reduction in vehicle movements on site.

Buckingham Group were so pleased with the results, reduced labour costs, and faster installation times that they have already used the Axedo system on a number of other sites.