AV Composites unveils 100 per cent recycled conservatory panels at Ecobuild

AV Composites has developed aluminium panels for conservatory roofs that provide better insulation than panels made of either alveolar polycarbonate or double-glazed glass. The AV Composites panels are 100% recycled (and recyclable), thanks to the fact that the insulating foam is made out of recycled plastic bottles. The panels can also be coated in a range of coloured insulating paints that match the frame’s colour. AV Composites will showcase its innovative solutions at Ecobuild on stand number N842, in London (UK), between 4 and 6 March 2014.

AV Composites has released a new panel, which has been granted a European patent, on the conservatory-roofing market. An ecologically sound option, this panel is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, due to the insulating foam being made from recycled plastic bottles.

AV Composites also markets insulating aluminium panels with a core made of extruded polystyrene that offers high levels of performance from a thermal standpoint — with U (32mm) = 0.9 W/Km² and U (52mm) = 0.5 W/Km² — and in terms of soundproofing since, for instance, the amount of noise caused by the patter of the rain is divided by four.

The company, which is a European leader in innovative panel manufacturing, is offering new panels for aluminium conservatory roofs in order to make the conservatory a real living space in winter and summer alike. AV Composites provides these panels as a substitute for traditional materials, such as polycarbonate or glass, because aluminium provides an economical and eco-friendly solution beating all other materials.

The advantages of aluminium for the conservatory-roofing sector include the fact that this material does not rust, can be cut easily, is light, and has a life span 1,000 times longer than that of polycarbonate.

AV Composites’ new panel can be thermally coated in a wide range of coloured paints, allowing for the personalisation of conservatories, along with the colour matching of the insulating panels and the aluminium sections of the conservatory structure.

AV Composites’ panels are four times lighter than double-glazed glass roofs, while insulating conservatories (and other enclosed spaces) between five and eleven times more effectively than double-glazed glass panels do, and between three and eight times more effectively than alveolar polycarbonate sheets do. The panels, therefore, enable users to reduce heating costs in winter and air-conditioning costs in summer.

The interior of AV Composites’ aluminium panels is white, with an 80% gloss level, therefore providing a high level of luminosity. The opaqueness also greatly reduces the greenhouse effect, which is a result of the sun’s rays entering through a non-opaque surface and remaining trapped within the conservatory, often creating a stifling atmosphere in summer.

AV Composites produces insulating products, for both housing and public buildings, in accordance with new European regulations for the environment and sustainable development. These regulations include clauses concerning the greenhouse effect, in line with targets for the reduction in CO2 emissions.

AV Composites is looking to expand in the UK, where conservatories are becoming increasingly popular among home owners. The specialist company seeks to improve comfort for conservatory users, while increasing the thermal, acoustic and environmental performance of the space concerned.

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