Auggd/augmented reality

One of the largest builders in Australia (MJH) has found that an augmented reality (AR) app has massively boosted interest with their house buyers as they can view new-build house designs directly from their mobile devices.  The app, which was developed by Auggd, a Yourkeys partner, provides the user with a full 3D render of a particular house design and allows the user to do a virtual walk-through of a display home which help to secure buyers to purchase pre-sale off-plan. 

Brett Wilson, MJH’s CIO states,

“What we’re trying to do is to display homes directly to house buyers by pushing this technology out to all initial sales leads.  As the app brings the development to life, our buyers get a much richer visual experience of how a future property will look.  This has resulted in a much faster sales turnaround. The effect of empowering customers to explore the range of home designs has had two impacts: First, it bridges the client’s imagination gap during the home purchase process.  Second, it minimises guesswork for the clients during the design phase.  These factors have also resulted in bigger upsells and reduced reworks for the business.”

What does this mean for the UK housing sector?  Riccardo Dawson states “new technology is helping to provide greater choice and personalisation for house buyers, which in turn, smart housebuilders will use as a competitive differentiator.” So, will it be lights, action roll em? Undoubtably!