Aucoot Ltd stress the importance of desirable housing after London Housing Scheme announce proposals

Aucoot Limited, a real estate agency based in London, has stressed the importance of making sure affordable housing is desirable and inspiring, in light of the Mayor of London’s Housing Strategy.

The new proposals outline the development of a new ‘London Model’ for renting, as well as establishing a £250m Land Fund for buying and preparing land for affordable and new housing.

John McDavid, owner and director of Aucoot, said:

“Here at Aucoot, we fully support the Mayor’s plans to tackle the Capital’s housing crisis. His vision to provide Londoners with a good quality home they can afford is commendable, especially considering that for many people currently living in London, home ownership is a distant dream. However, we hope the team behind the strategy take time to consider how important it is that these new homes are attractive and welcoming to future homeowners, and that they meet the needs of modern families.”

John and his team at Aucoot appreciate the character a home holds, and recognise how important this is when it comes to selling a house.

Good architecture offers real value, no matter whether the property is traditional or contemporary.

For John and his team, the London Housing Strategy will need to bear this in mind if homes that will truly tackle London’s housing crisis are to be designed and built. Ultimately, they believe it’s important a home communicates a cohesive sense of character and beauty if people are going to want to live there.

John added:

“We’re excited by the potential of the London Housing Scheme and are pleased to see that high-quality homes and inclusive neighbourhoods are key elements of the proposed strategy.”