Atkins appoints Richard Cross as first chief digital officer

Atkins’ chief information officer, Richard Cross, has been given additional responsibility as chief digital officer to lead the development and integration of new and emerging technologies across the organisation and to help develop technology solutions for clients.

The company is developing a series of data services using predictive analytics on unique large data sets, combined with real time data, to help enable clients to develop intelligent transportation management and strategic infrastructure asset control. These techniques will help clients save money and resources through the effective management of people movements around cities and infrastructure assets and through the effective management of building resources.

The emergence of digital technologies and ways of working – where digital tools and data are central to everything from design to construction, through to the monitoring of smart cities means that the skills, techniques and culture in the design, engineering and project management sector will rapidly change.

Uwe Krueger, Atkins’ chief executive officer, said:

“The opportunities presented by the cloud, big data, social media and consumerisation, along with digital engineering will have a fundamental impact on Atkins and our clients.  The design assets we deliver to clients will be primarily digital, the tools we use will be increasingly digital and assets will be monitored and maintained through the internet of things and live digital models, with data as our lifeblood.”

Richard Cross added:

“We have begun a process of revolutionising the IS group at Atkins, flipping from a traditional model to one that is focused on digital by default, exploiting technology as a differentiator and selling IS products and services to create value for clients.”