Armed for the extra load

To cater for the growing demand in external insulation on homes and commercial builds, SFS intec has developed its innovative new JB-D® window bracket system. Designed to ensure the secure setting of windows over external insulation zones, the configuration counteracts the heavier loads imposed by triple glazed units, and is verified by IFT Rosenheim testing.

Nigel Wood, Business Development Manager at SFS intec, said:

“With a huge focus on government schemes like the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) this year, energy efficiency remains high on everyone’s agenda. The specification of external wall insulation for example, has increased due to its efficiency in improving a building’s thermal performance by minimising heat loss and heat gain, reducing heating costs by as much as 40%.

“However, this growing demand has meant an increase in insulation causing the cavities within the wall’s construction to widen, calling for a new approach to window installation.”

While thicker window sets provide improved energy efficiency, triple-glazed units are much heavier resulting in the need for an engineered support system to accommodate the increased dead loads and imposed loads acting on the frames. Using a bracket system, like the JB-D®, reduces the likelihood of the frame sagging or dropping into the insulation zone, preventing damage and costly financial implications.

The JB-D® system is made up of jamb and sill brackets which are secured from the inner wall leaf, attaching to the window unit at numerous vital support points.

With a cantilever of 30mm up to 150mm projection, the correct sill and jamb brackets for the application are chosen from the dedicated datasheet, which indicates the dead loads that the brackets can support, dependant on the cantilever distance.

The system passed IFT Rosenheim testing for static positive and negative pressure with + 2000 Pa, non permanent additional load up to 800 N on an open sash and also simulated use with 10,000 leaf/sash movements.

With few suitable solutions available on the market to enable the fixing of windows over insulation zones, installers are often fixing them in place using substandard methods. The new JB-D® bracket system will enable the trade to confidently fix the windows in place, without risk of failure.

For more information on the JB-D® bracket system please call 0113 2085 535 or email uk.leeds(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)