Approved National and International Best Practice Build Details

Approved National and International Best Practice Build Details are contained in a new 190 page publication that contains the most extensive range of construction product solutions.

Building envelope protection at all levels from below ground to roof top. Considered essential reading for all disciplines this free informative publication has been released by the only UK specialist in its field awarded European Technical Approval. Contains new construction solutions previously not released.

Cavity Trays of Yeovil is the longest-established cavity tray company and the only UK tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval.  Its products are accompanied with a performance warranty for the benefit of architect, builder and client. The latest 190 page technical manual addresses more construction problems and identifies where current regulations and standards can be improved.

New and existing construction solutions + insight into ways to remedy existing deficiencies. A free scheduling, appraisal and guidance service operates. Build details include concave and convex cavity walls, fire-rated closing requirements and dentil impingements.