Apply once – job done with Caulk Once and Fill Once

Caulk Once and Fill Once are the latest products to take centre stage at Everbuild Building Products. Created using the very latest technology, the Caulk Once and Fill Once double act set a new standard in decorating fillers.

Caulk Once is a premium quality acrylic caulk which has been formulated to outperform all other conventional decorating caulks using an advanced high quality polymer. Offering superior adhesion, low shrink and outstanding flexibility, Caulk Once is a durable, longer lasting product that will cope with joint movement over time, so you won’t find yourself replacing it after only a few years.

Fill Once is a ready mixed filler created with Expanded Micro-Sphere Technology (EMT) making it the perfect product to use for filling any sized hole in just one application. Fill Once gives an ultra-smooth, fine finish with no shrinkage, fills up to 75mm in one go and will set rock hard giving it the ability to support nails or screws.

Caulk Once is packaged in high impact display boxes and is available in White and Brown C3 cartridges. A C4 size is also available in White only. Fill Once is available in 325ml and 650ml tubs, as well as in a handy starter pack. The starter pack contains 8 x 325ml tubs and 4 x 650ml tubs and is packaged in an attractive display box.

Everbuild really do believe that users will appreciate the true quality of this double act; Caulk Once and Fill Once, two decorating products formulated for superior application and performance, no excessive time spent re-doing jobs or filling gaps and holes, so as the line goes APPLY ONCE – JOB DONE!