Apex Lifts offers extra peace of mind with Gate Lock Valves

At Apex Lifts, safety is a top priority. That’s why it’s pleased to announce it is now offering gate lock valves for all hydraulic lifts.

There are many advantages to hydraulic lifts – faster, greener, safer – and they have a great reputation for reliability. There have, however, been some cases where technical faults have occurred and lifts have descended with the doors open, putting lives at risk. Building managers are now able to prevent that from happening, and safeguard themselves from prosecution, with gate lock valves from Apex Lifts.

Warren Jenchner, Managing Director of Apex Lifts says

“Hydraulic lifts are extremely reliable. However, in the unlikely event a valve fails or develops a significant leak, there is a risk the electrical re-levelling may be unable to cope, and this can cause the lift to move with the doors open.

Gate lock valves – available for any make or model hydraulic lift – will make sure this cannot happen by preventing the lift car from moving downwards.”

The solenoid operated gate lock valve will de-energise and close when the lift arrives at floor level, ensuring as passengers disembark and enter the lift car it stays put, no matter what.

Jenchner explains

“The gate lock valve provides that extra level of back up. It works like an electronic ball valve, but only energises and opens when instructed to do so by the lift controller. This means, you can be sure your lifts are safe, even if there is a failure elsewhere!”

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