All Bases Covered

Leading construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie has expanded it’s range of post bases to include additional solutions for new and retrofit applications.

The range includes:

  • Concealed post bases
  • Bases with site-adjustable heights from 100 – 150mm
  • Bases which can be adjusted even after the colmns have been installed
  • Options to cast into concrete or to fix down using studs

A brochure is available for download, which includes installation advice, performance characteristics and safe working loads.

Sales Director, Jon Head explains:

“With the off-site construction footprint increasing all the time, we’ve seen a growing demand for post base and column support solutions, prompting us to not only make more options available ‘off the shelf’ but not expand our ‘made to order’ service to cope with ever more interesting and unique house design.”

Request or download a copy of ‘Connectors for Timber and Masonry Construction’ from Simpson Strong-Tie at