After the Flood

In recent years, flooding has become a major issue within the UK with thousands of homes being damaged by rising waters. 2012 saw one of the worst years on record with over 480,000 claims being made by affected homeowners and businesses resulting in insurers paying out over £1billion.

Whilst damaged furnishings can be easily replaced, the same cannot be said for building structures. Flood water carries many harmful bugs, bacteria and viruses, all of which can linger within the plaster, brickwork and timber once the water has subsided. This harmful bacteria needs to be eradicated before any restoration work can begin and before the property can be safely occupied once again.

Sikagard® Flood Sanitiser is a concentrated sanitiser and disinfectant containing a highly potent biocide system which is very effective for use in the sanitation of properties that have been subjected to flood damage. Sikagard® Flood Sanitiser has been specially formulated for the control of a broad range of bacteria including hepatitis B, salmonella, campylobacter, listeria, MRSA and many other viral infections, all of which can be carried in flood water.

Available in 5ltr jerry cans, Sikagard® Flood Sanitiser will make up 50ltrs of diluted product which can then be quickly and easily sprayed onto affected areas with no need to wash off.

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