Abvent to host key events at BIM WORLD

Abvent S.A., developer of Artlantis and Twinmotion, and a pioneer in the 3D architectural visualization industry, will headline a series of events at this year’s BIM WORLD taking place in Paris, March 29-30.  BIM WORLD is the largest international meeting for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and will gather all the key digital players in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.
Visitors to Abvent’s stand (N° 93 to 96) will discover the latest innovations of the firm’s collaborative BIM technologies: ARCHICAD, BIMx, BIMcloud, Twinmotion, as well as BIMoffice and ClimaBIM — accessible directly in Revit and ARCHICAD.

As a pioneer in the field of 3D architectural visualization, Abvent will host a series of high-level events designed to share its experience and vision for architectural and design imagery as it relates to Building Information Modeling. Visitors to BIM WORLD are highly encouraged to participate in any or all of the insightful events listed below:

ABVENT Round table:  Display and share digital models and sample models « XD »
Wednesday, March 29, 10.45, Baltard Room
Host: Raphaël Pierrat, architect and co-founder of Ka-Ra, developer of award-winning Twinmotion, which joined the Abvent Group in 2016.

ABVENT workshop:  BIMoffice — The only BIM data management solution directly connected to Revit and ARCHICAD.
Wednesday, March 29, 11.30, Turing Room
Host:  Philippe Roels, BIMoffice Development Director / Abvent

ABVENT Round table:  Accessing your digital models anywhere — the latest innovations
Wednesday, March 29, 12.00 noon, Niemeyer Room
Host: Philippe Bondier, Director of Abvent Suisse, will share mobile performance of BIMx, BIMcloud and BIMmotion

ABVENT workshop:  IFC Best Practices for optimized interoperability.
Wednesday, March 29, 15.30, Haussmann Room
Host: Pierre Judde, Architect, BIM ARCHICAD Expert / Abvent

ABVENT workshop:  BIM Live architect-engineer case study
Wednesday, March 29, 16.00, Haussmann Room
Clémence Guinin, BIM Manager / OTE Ingénierie; Damien Cordier, Architect, Partner / drlw architectes; and Arnaud Costa Le Vaillant, BIM Expert / Abvent will present an exemplary BIM Live architect-engineer case-study.

ABVENT Round table:  How does BIM impact architecture?
Thursday, March 30, 9.30, Le Corbusier Room
Host:  Xavier Soule,  Architect & CEO, Abvent Group

ABVENT Round table: Improving construction performance with BIM through better stakeholder coordination
Thursday, March 30, 12.00 noon, Baltard Room
Damien Cordier, Architect, Partner / drlw architectes and Arnaud Costa Le Vaillant, BIM Expert / Abvent

ABVENT Round table:  Build and operate an urban digital model.
Thursday, March 30, 14.00, Le Corbusier Room
Abvent guest host: Stig Bengsston, Architect and BIM development manager @ BAU (Sweden & USA) who developed the concept, design and execution of the Mall of Scandinavia (300 000 sqm building complex for Unibail-Rodamco) in BIM with ARCHICAD.