A2Dominion transfers 119 Properties to Thrive Homes

The A2Dominion Group has sold 119 properties in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire to Thrive Homes.

The stock transfer, which included a mix of general needs and leasehold properties, completed on Monday 2 September.

The homes are in the local authority areas of High Wycombe, Watford, Hertsmere and Three Rivers.

Nicholas Yeeles, A2Dominion’s Executive Director (Commercial, London), said:

“We are committed to providing local services that best meet the needs of our residents.

“These properties which have been transferred are in areas where we feel the Group’s regional offices are too remote in order to provide an efficient and cost-effective service.

“These residents will now benefit from more locally-delivered services from Thrive Homes, which is based in Hertfordshire.”

Jo Barrett, Operations Director at Thrive Homes, said:

“Our vision is for thriving communities where there are life choices and opportunities. We are delighted to have taken ownership of the 119 homes from A2Dominion.

“Our teams have enjoyed meeting some of the new residents already and we look forward to welcoming and working with the remaining households over the next few months and years ahead. Our initial priorities are to run through the tenancy agreements with residents and to ensure their properties are in good condition, which in some cases means planning upgrade work to bring them to decent homes standard.

“Expanding our portfolio of properties fits with our strategic plans, and as an organisation rated in the top sector for its governance and financial performance, residents can rest assured Thrive is well placed to provide quality landlord services well into the future.”

A2Dominion consulted with residents throughout the process of appointing a new landlord for their homes, and both organisationshave worked hard to ensure residents experience a seamless transition.

The transfer to Thrive Homes marks the second phase of A2Dominion’s stock rationalisation programme.

Phase one, which was undertaken in 2012, involved more than 2,300 homes being transferred or swapped to eight recipient housing associations across London, the South East and Cambridgeshire.