A Proctor air-tight membrane used on log cabin

The A. Proctor Group Ltd recently supplied their Wraptite-SA into a log cabin construction in Corgarff, Aberdeenshire. Wraptite-SA combines the best properties of a vapour permeable membrane and an air barrier in one innovative, self-adhering product. It fully bonds (no mechanical attachment) to almost any substrate for air tightness and ease of installation. Wraptite-SA is designed for use behind rain screen cladding systems where water resistance and energy efficiency are essential.

With Wraptite-SA being such a versatile product, previously dated construction techniques have became viable once again. A prime example of this is Sylvan Stuart’s innovative application of Wraptite-SA in log cabins. Doug Irvine from Sylvan Stuart Ltd explained

“The job at Corgarff is built using our double-skin log construction. This has evolved since it was developed back in the eighties as the building regulations have demanded since then. We were fearful that we had reached the end of the road with this type of construction as the new air-tightness requirements were going to be very difficult to meet. Continuity in the outer membrane was the only way to achieve air-tightness in the double skin log construction. This is where the Wraptite-SA comes in. It seems to fit the bill perfectly.

“It is very easy to install and the self-adhesive qualities mean that we save expense by eliminating the need for flashings and other sealants around the windows and doors.One job in particular, at Castle Douglas, is only going ahead using our double-skin log construction because of the discovery of Wraptite-SA.”

If you require further information related to A. Proctor Group’s Wraptite-SA, or any of their other product ranges, please visit www.proctorgroup.com