A new foundation for tile design

Bringing the outside in, Brickwork is a fashionable new range that captures the trend of featuring exposed surfaces in interior locations.

A staple of the New York loft style aesthetic, exposed brickwork is a vogue finish that is often found unexpectedly when designers are refurbishing an older project. Instead of re-covering this hidden gem with a fresh layer of plaster or tile, exposed brickwork can be retained to provide a rustic, contemporary feature.

However, in most new builds this kind of feature is simply hard to achieve without the aid of reclaimed material or wallpaper designs.

Brickwork offers a brand new way of achieving this sought after look, in the guise of easy-to-use porcelain tiles. The range includes 12 diverse brick colours including a number of recognisable British brick styles. The tiles feature realistically textured brick and mortar shapes that possess an incredible three-dimensional design. The tiles also showcase characteristic elements such as random efflorescence, burnt corners and scratches.

In addition, the range also includes a number of tiles that have the look of painted bricks and also a selection of tiles that look metallic. These silver, bronze and gold tiles have an incredible luminescent sparkle and shine.

The Brickwork range can be applied to both walls and floors.