A gem of an installation

Warrior doors were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a new high security doorset by Tulja jewellers to replace their existing entrance. The client specifically wanted an interlocking system featuring 2 sliding doors which would be both convenient to use and provide a higher level of security and protection for the premises and staff.

Warrior doors chose FAAC’s A140 sliding door operator due to its high performance capability. The doors were heavy because they were manufactured in stainless steel with African cedar hardwood inserts and 19mm ballistic resistant glass plus there was an additional requirement to make the opening wider and higher than standard. The A140 sliding door operator is customizable and modular to meet both architectural and technical needs thanks to the 2 different covers, the exclusive leaf fitting systems and the different leaf profiles that can be used. The operators also offer energy saving capability in conjunction with an energy saving device.

Brett Barratt of Warrior Doors, stated:

“The complexity of the electronic design with two interlocking doors, maglocks to work in conjunction with motorized locks and electronic emergency key override made this a completely new concept.”

With the combined expertise of Warriors skilled designers and engineers together with the assistance of the FAAC team it resulted in a very successful installation and a delighted customer.

Mr Lodhia, Proprietor, said:

“This new sliding door entrance works extremely well, our customers like the automated security system and the staff have full control from within the store. I think this is one of the most secure automatic retail entrances in the UK”.