A complete roofing system guaranteed to stand the test of time

15 year roof system guarantee from Marley Eternit offers assurance to architects

Gavin White, product manager at Marley Eternit, discusses how specifying a comprehensive, high quality roof system can provide architects with the reassurance and protection encompassed in a single 15 year system guarantee.

With a number of recently added products to our range, including the BS 5534 compliant JB Red battens and brand new underlays, Marley Eternit provides more critical roof elements than any other manufacturer.

And, providing the most comprehensive roof system on the market, means when specifying a complete roof system, architects are also able to take advantage of a number of valuable benefits. 

Firstly, our unrivalled roof system comes complete with the reassurance that all elements are designed and tested to work seamlessly together, ensuring the finished building performs to the original design; helping to reduce risk to an architect’s design liability. Secondly, getting the most comprehensive system from one single source and limiting how many suppliers are involved, frees up valuable time as architects and specifiers do not have to deal with multiple product suppliers for a project. Furthermore, a roof system covering so many products gives maximum control of the supply chain, which can minimise the risk of unmonitored product choice or substitution further down the supply chain. For example, anything specified by type and not by product name, such as roofing battens does allow the opportunity for products to be sourced down the line by contractors involved.

Yet, the benefits of a complete roof system from Marley Eternit extend far beyond installation, 15 years beyond in fact.

Every complete roof system from Marley Eternit also delivers additional peace of mind with a 15 year system guarantee now available. Not only reducing liability, but also helping to further enhance an architect’s reputation for selecting complete roof systems which will stand the test of time.

As pressure mounts to increase construction output and work to tight timescales, the potential gap between design and actual performance of a finished property continues to be a concern.  One reason for this can be the substitution of materials during the build programme due to cost, time or personal preference, which can result in under performance of the building in that area.  With this in mind, specifying a comprehensive roof system from one manufacturer can help architects to reduce this performance gap, taking more control of specifications and minimising the risk of unmonitored product choice or substitution further down the line.

In addition, the 15 year system guarantee offers underwritten performance on each bespoke project specification, incorporating National Building Specification clauses which adhere to the latest British Standards.

When it comes to the elements of a roof system, Marley Eternit’s range of roof coverings such as tiles and slates to fittings and accessories, right through to battens and underlays, are all of the highest quality, designed and tested with maximum performance and durability in mind. This means architects can be assured of the quality of the entire system and all its component parts, and that it will achieve maximum performance as all parts are purpose made to work seamlessly together.

Accessing a complete, high-performance roof system from Marley Eternit provides greater control in specification, unequalled performance, and ultimately, peace of mind, so architects are able to focus on other areas of a project.  Producing a bespoke and tailored specification for each project is important because not only is reusing old specifications a dangerous practice, but each one will be unique with its own set of requirements under the British Standard. This is why we pride ourselves on having a range of easily accessible specification services, including online self service tools designed to take the hassle and complexity out of producing brand new specifications for each project.

In addition to expert technical support throughout the installation process, Marley Eternit also offers its Roof Systems Selector to help architects uncover the potential options available when specifying roofing solutions from its range of roof products, fixtures and accessories.

Covering more pitched roofing elements than any other manufacturer, our 15 year system guarantee gives the ultimate assurance that our integrated roofing solutions can be specified and installed with complete confidence.

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