A breath of fresh air for HBS Group Southern

When a specialist heating and ventilation company moves into a brand new HQ, how does it decide what equipment to install in its own building?

In the case of HBS Group Southern, the choice was simple: Mitsubishi Electric. After more than 60 years in the business, installing systems in commercial and industrial settings, the company had plenty of experience on which to base its choice.

“We wanted the same high standard of kit for ourselves as we provide for our customers,”

said Managing Director, Kevin Bull,

“so we chose to install a selection of Mitsubishi Electric products, including the Lossnay RX5, which represent the most energy and cost-efficient solutions on the market.”

The Lossnay RX5 fresh air ventilation system reduces overall energy costs by extracting stale air from a room, recovering around 80% of the heat from it, and using this reclaimed heat to warm incoming fresh air.

The system is based on specially treated ultra-thin corrugated paper which facilitates superior heat transfer and increases moisture permeability, enabling the exchange of both latent heat (humidity/moisture) and sensible heat (temperature).

City Multi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning is used alongside the Lossnay system to provide employees with optimal working conditions within the building.

“We sell and install a range of Mitsubishi Electric equipment, because we appreciate the quality of their products and the technical support that they provide, so it made sense to us to have the same high standard of kit in our own building.

“The building is brand new, so naturally we took the opportunity to use it to demonstrate how technologies can work seamlessly together to provide an optimal office environment. The result is a reliable system that gives us great value for money with no reduction in performance.”

HBS has also installed an Ecodan® air source heat pump and hot water cylinder to serve under-floor heating, and photovoltaic panels to the roof to reduce electricity bills. The result is an office which helps meet the company’s long-term business objective of an energy-efficient and sustainable future.