5 planet-friendly design tips for a greener bathroom in 2018

It seems that ‘going green’ has never been more popular, particularly when it comes to home design. Tipped as one of the hottest upcoming interior design and architecture trends, ‘eco-friendly’ building practices are not only fashionable and incredibly functional, but they’re also beneficial to the environment.

In this post, we take a closer look at some of the best eco-conscious building trends for bathrooms that are set to be all the rage in 2018. From sustainable materials to green gadgets, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to design a bathroom that puts the planet first without compromising on comfort, convenience or style.

Champion durable design 

Although bathroom builds aren’t necessarily the most expensive addition to your home, they can still demand a sizeable budget, so it pays to invest in materials and furnishings made to last. Financially, you’ll reduce the long-term cost of regular replacements – but more importantly, from an environmental perspective, you’ll eradicate the waste associated with these frequent updates.

With durability in mind, you should choose colour schemes that you won’t easily tire of and that won’t quickly fade out of style – as well as opting for hard-wearing materials like floor tiles and metal bathtubs that will last for decades. Think neutral colours and classic patterns that can be layered with interchangeable pieces and accessories when embarking on an interior design update.

Seek out sustainable materials 

With more and more people adopting green construction methods in their homes, it’s no surprise that the market for sustainable building materials has grown to meet the demand – offering the perfect way to put an eco-friendly stamp on your design. From the latest innovations in sustainable concretes made from waste by-products or natural composites to easily grown and readily available natural materials like cork and bamboo, choosing sustainable materials will dramatically lower the environmental impact of your bathroom renovation.

Marvel at modular construction  

If you intend on expanding your home to create a new bathroom without dramatically increasing your carbon footprint, why not consider the benefits of offsite construction? Manufactured in a controlled factory environment, modular bathroom pods are built with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind – both in their design and in the materials used. With less waste and lower transportation costs associated with the build, and a suite of integral energy-saving features, homeowners can enjoy both the financial and environmental benefits.

Gear up with green gadgets

If you want to improve your bathroom’s environmental credentials, it’s well worth exploring the innovative range of green technology now available. Designed to streamline processes and make everything function more efficiently, installing eco-friendly tech is an ideal way to promote planet-loving building practices in your bathroom. From water-saving showers and low-flush toilets to energy-saving lights, adding eco-friendly gadgets to your design gives you the chance to maximise energy efficiency while still delivering a luxurious, contemporary finish.

Relish recycled and reclaimed items

Whether or not you’re a lover of all things vintage, there are numerous ways to incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials into your bathroom design. From hitting the reclamation yards in search of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and period bath suites to using recycled timber, tiles and glass in aspects of your build, replacing new with old will help to reduce your build waste twofold. Firstly, you’ll negate any additional manufacturing waste for new products, and secondly, you’ll prevent perfectly usable materials from ending up in the landfill – a great result for you and the environment.