400 kg. That’s heavy, isn’t it?

Of course, you’ve guessed we’re about to talk about some hardware that can carry a door of that weight. It’s called Patio Life. Impressive? Sure. But what’s in it for you? How does it offer you more selling power?

After all, if you tell your customers you can supply them with a 400 kg timber sliding door – one they will be able slide easily, that’s all very well. But you need to be able to say more than that.

Because ultimately, 400 kg is a statistic – and your customer isn’t going to buy a statistic. They’re going to buy an improvement to their home. Something that makes their life better.

So how does a large sliding door do that?

Well, for a start there’s light. Lots of light. A floor-to-ceiling patio door means the inside of a home is much brighter. If your client is someone who takes pride in their taste in interior design, then having a bright room will show up the colours in their furniture and décor.

The energy-saving properties of a timber sliding door can be remarkable too. Partly due to modern glazing technology, and partly due to the sealing properties of the Roto gasket system.

And when the weather is suitable to open the room up to the outdoors, there are no obstructions: your customer won’t have to move their beautiful furniture around.

The enhanced threshold means there’s nothing to trip over (Patio Life is Part M compliant, suitable for wheelchair users and people who use walking aids).

The door really does slide without effort. The reason: Patio Life is not a lift-and-slide system. It just slides, that’s all. Instead of lifting the door, the mechanism moves the sealing gaskets. The Roto handle is easy to use: turn it, and the door is then free to slide smoothly along its track.

So there’s less effort for the user, and fewer load-bearing mechanisms. This is a product designed to last a very long time, with minimal maintenance.

The gasket system provides your client with another useful feature: ventilation, and without any feeling that the high level of security has been compromised. In ventilation mode, the gaskets are open to allow airflow and the door is still fully locked: the locking cams are secure in their strikers.

With that 400 kg maximum, you can design a door set that’s very tall, or very broad (over 3 metres wide), with a range of design options to give your client the configuration that works best for them.

Now you can offer homeowners a timber sliding door that is elegant, simple to use and which won’t date quickly. You’re not just giving them immediate benefits: it’s a long-term enhancement to any property.

Discover more about Patio Life and the rest of the Patio range: visit the Roto website and refine your product search.

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