Counting on Köster

Easy application to the most complex of architectural details is promised with Köster 21 – a two-component, solvent-free, multiple use crack bridging waterproofing coating from Delta Membrane Systems. This elastic, crack-bridging waterproofing material offers excellent adhesion to dry and moist... View Article

Horne helps contribute to two new hospitals

Earlier this year, international contractor, Brookfield Multiplex, handed over Scotland’s largest new hospital project to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Renamed South Glasgow University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, the campus contains maternity, paediatric and adult hospitals... View Article

Bee Wall – protecting our pollinators

Living Wall provider Scotscape are teaming up with conservation charity Buglife to test out the best planting schemes to create living walls with a pollinator plus effect. Throughout the 2015 growing season a test wall at Scotscapes’s Surrey headquarters will... View Article

Stannah and the Countess of York – a refreshing union

Thanks to a Stannah Lowriser 2.0 wheelchair platform lift, access to a titled dining carriage in York’s National Railway Museum (NRM) has been granted to all. Located in the Courtyard in the UK’s largest railway museum, the Lowriser brings step-free... View Article

Home defence force: effective flood defence measures explained

Housebuilders and developers can keep the planning authorities happy and homeowners reassured by adopting simple, cost effective mitigation measures to both new builds or as ‘retrofits’ to existing properties, explains Frank Kelly, the founder of UK Flood Barriers After experiencing... View Article

Creating protection against climate change

Something affecting everyone is climate change, the resulting increased rainfall and subsequent flooding.  The Pitt Review into the summer 2007 floods found that more than two thirds of the 57,000 homes affected were flooded by surface water runoff, not overflowing... View Article

How to ensure fire door compliance

When it comes to fitting a fire door, it is important to ensure it provides the highest levels of protection and meets fire door regulations. To guarantee this, there are a number of factors that need to be considered including... View Article

Accessing disabled needs

By Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Clos-o-Mat, supplier of toilet solutions for disabled and elderly people By 2030, one in three people in the UK will be aged over 55. Already, some 11 million people are registered disabled, and the... View Article

Social standards

Design standards for affordable housing in London often clash with what has been approved during planning. To avoid costly redesigns, Simon Hansard of Ashby Design says planners and developers must consider these standards at the very outset of a project... View Article

New Stratos launched by Wilo

Wilo has launched its new improved version of the popular Wilo-Stratos glandless circulating pump for hot water heating systems, air conditioning and closed cooling circuits here in the UK. The enhanced version of the pump can now deliver to systems... View Article

Long Rake Spar’s SuDS compliant decorative aggregates

With an ever increasing demand for greener solutions in the construction industry, Long Rake Spar provides an extensive range of SuDS compliant decorative aggregates. Its product selection includes a wide variety of landscaping chippings and gravels, ideal for environmentally sensitive... View Article

1Rebel, London

Component Developments (CD), a leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel building products, have supplied drainage channels for a new, stylish, pay-as-you-train boutique in the city. 1Rebel is located at 63 St Mary Axe, right next to The Gherkin building... View Article

RENOLIT’s 2015 Highlights collection launched

RENOLIT presents the latest 3D Highlights collection showing their new 3D Stock Range items. This year 35 innovative effects are introduced ranging from the latest solid colours in high gloss, matt finishes and structured woodgrain surfaces to the most realistic... View Article