Trimo and Bouda a Masár architectural office provide integrated building envelope solution for KJG Business Centre

KJG A. S. is a manufacturer of roof, gutter and drainage systems, based in Slovakia. After previously working with leading building envelope solutions provider Trimo in 2007 to build its Headquarters in Čahtice, KJG called upon Trimo for a bespoke solution for its business centre in Bratislava. Designed by Slovakia-based architects Bouda a Masár, work was completed in 2015.

Project Requirements
The KJG Business Centre is a multi-purpose building complex which contains various management offices, sheet metal production and storage facilities. The production and storage spaces are integral parts of the building and had special requirements in regards to functionality; the building envelope needed to aesthetically mirror the KJG brand image, while also ensuring fireproof, water and air tightness characteristics.

The three red cubes at the front of the building are clad with Trimo’s state-of-the-art steel facade system, Qbiss One. Distinguished by the unique rounded corner of the element, Qbiss One is a design and technological breakthrough offering limitless opportunities. In comparison to traditional rain screen panels, Trimo’s solution is pre-fabricated to save time and cost on site. Ultimately, it eliminates any cuts, folds or welds to deliver a high aesthetic appearance.

Trimo’s fireproof Trimoterm system was also used for the building envelope, designed in a dark grey colour to correspond with the general aesthetic of the KJG Business Centre. Trimoterm panels offer wider dimensions and minimalistic joints. They are often used for external facade cladding due to their strong fire resistance, and exceptional thermal and sound insulation.

The Qbiss One panels embrace the glazed base of the building, which is constructed with highly insulated, transparent and opaque Q-Air elements. Q-Air is a unique, single skin glass façade which provides all the benefits of an active double skin facade, whilst delivering superior energy efficiency and economic benefits. Its innovative, multi-chamber insulating core delivers energy efficiency by maximizing the prevention of excessive solar heat gain.

The facade elements are characterised with the structural appearance; dark grey glass, occasionally enamelled with light grey. The simplicity of the building’s architectural design and the technical solution of the building envelope ensure a sustainable, modern and high quality solution for KJG.

The investor and owner of KJG recognised Trimo as the ideal partner to represent the brand’s business and symbolic values; such as economic solutions, high aesthetic, sustainability and quality. The KJG Business Centre is a unique architectural project and a great example of how to combine various Trimo products which correspond to various architectural needs. Peter Bouda, architect says:

“Our team of architects cooperated closely with the owner of the KJG company, who demanded very high standards for this project; highly innovative design and details, together with high quality realisation. We worked with well-established suppliers and products, among which Trimo’s progressive facade systems Qbiss One and Q-Air were the most prominent from a design point of view.

We at Bouda a Masár architectural office believe that we will have the opportunity to apply technically progressive and attractive Trimo systems in our future projects again.”