The linear arrangement of spaces: Tehran International Airport T – 2

Tehran Airport T-2 project, designed by Istanbul based architectural practice GMW MIMARLIK is aimed to provide the high level passenger comfort with its simple, linear and dynamic form.

GMW MIMARLIK, under the leadership of Ali Evrenay Ozveren, Dicle Demircioglu and Pinar Ilki Emekci, has been responsible for major transportation projects around the world including several international airport terminals and train stations. One of their recent commissions was for the design of the Tehran International Airport T – 2.

The proposed 175,000 m². terminal is designed to serve a total of 26,5 million international and domestic passengers, and the existing terminal will be given over exclusively to pilgrim traffic.

Operational flexibility and efficiency, high level of passenger comfort, and adaptability to future needs are at the heart ofGMW MIMARLIK concept design. The simple and yet dynamic form of the proposed terminal with a strong visual identity clearly expresses the three main functions of an international terminal; the main processing space for the passengers, commercial areas and the airside lounges. The linear arrangement of spaces within the pier provide flexible use of a total number of 28 gates.