Richardson & Peat deliver stunning new home beyond Passivhaus standards

A stunning new six-bedroom detached property near Mayfield, East Sussex, designed to offer the owners modern, sustainable living, has set the benchmark for low-energy in use by passing certification at the highest level from the Passive House institute in Germany.

Built by contractor Richardson & Peat and its team which includes its Passive House consultant, Aaben, the private property was designed by architects Hazle McCormack Young LLP to meet the client’s requirements for a low-energy home that enhances personal wellbeing, healthy living and is built using modern, yet traditional materials. Specialists in the construction of low-energy buildings, Richardson & Peat oversaw every aspect of the three-storey Passive House construction, working closely with HMY and the client to ensure that every detail met their exact requirement and the finished building would perform as designed.

Before embarking on the potentially challenging project, an existing property had to be demolished to make way for the new timber-frame build. With high levels of insulation required to ensure Passive House performance, 450mm thick walls were created by Richardson & Peat at the company’s offsite manufacturing facility. Highly-insulated floors and a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system were also installed. Externally, along with larch-cladding and triple-glazed windows, there is a zinc-clad, high-level-glazed atrium which bathes the property in natural daylight. The inclusion of low-energy lighting adds to the home’s energy efficiency.

With the property’s energy-saving aspects expertly applied by Richardson & Peat, tests showed the completed building achieved an N50 value air tightness level of 0.4 air changes per hour, which compares favourably to the Passive House standard of 0.6 air changes per hour.

Martin Peat, Commercial Director at Richardson & Peat, commented:

“To comply with the Passive House standard we had to plan every last detail of the property to ensure it performed with the maximum thermal efficiency. The fact it resulted in a property which achieves the certification to Passive House standards is a credit to the skills and experience of our team.”

As well as constructing a low-energy, structurally-impressive main property, Richardson & Peat also built a neighbouring double garage on top of which was erected a housekeeper’s apartment. The company demonstrated its all-round quality building skills by creating an onsite road to allow driveable access to the newly-completed properties. Despite the complexities of building a Passive House home, it took Richardson & Peat just eight months to complete the project to the client’s full satisfaction.

Martin Peat said:

“Despite our experience in constructing low energy buildings, the Mayfield project was a new high for us in terms of the detailing it required. We once again proved ourselves capable of providing an attractive, energy-efficient home to the client’s precise specification.”

Richardson & Peat place an emphasis on energy, efficiency and sustainability that can lead to achieving Passive House standards. As well as private construction, the company’s wide-ranging building projects span education, health and commercial builds.